Universal Absorbents

Universal Absorbents Pads, Rolls, Drum-tops

Universal Absorbents are specially designed to absorb most aggressive liquids (acids & caustics) and provides a high resistance to chemical reaction. Extreme care must be used to assure suitability, for your particular aggressive liquid. Note that the universal absorbent, does NOT neutralize the liquid absorbed. Non-biodegradable. Dispose of according to federal, state, and local laws.

Universal Absorbent Pads

Available in a variety of weights and strengths…. These Universal absorbent pads are bonded, all purpose absorbent pads. Great for oil/water based liquids.

Universal Absorbent Pads

US1BH Heavy Perforated Universal Grey 100 Pads 15″ x 18″ 39.00
US1BM Medium Perforated Universal Grey 100 Pads 15″ x 18″ 35.00
US1LH Heavy Perforated Lint free Universal Grey 100 Pads 15″ x 18″ 42.00
US1LM Medium Perforated Lint free Universal Grey 100 Pads 15″ x 18″ 40.00
USB2 Light Perforated Universal Grey 200 Pads 15″ x 18″ 42.00

Universal Absorbent Rolls

Universal Absorbent RollsAvailable in Standard or Split Rolls and Lint Free varieties.  These Grey Heavy weight universal rolls are perforated, use only what you need to reduce waste.


UR30BH Heavy Bonded Perforated Universal Roll 1 Roll Grey     150′ x 30″ 74.00
UR30BSH Heavy Bonded Perforated Universal Roll 2 Split Rolls Grey       150′ x 15″ 74.00
UR30LH Heavy Lint free Perforated Universal Roll 1 Roll Grey     150′ x 30″ 82.00
UR30LSH Heavy Lint free Perforated Universal Roll 2 Split Rolls Grey       150′ x 15″ 82.00

Universal Absorbent Drum-tops

Universal Absorbents DrumtopsThese 22″ diameter drum top come with pre-cut holes. Keeps Drums, Barrels, & Metal drums, in your drum storage area looking clean and safe.



GDT Drum Tops 25 Pk        22″ Diameter 47.00

Universal Absorbents are for water based fluids, oil, diesel, gas, coolants, hydraulic fluids, vegetable oil, acetone, turpentine, ether, and more?

Universal Absorbent Pads, Socks/Pigs, Mats, Drum Tops, absorbent Pillows, and Universal Absorbent Rolls, are Spill Containment and Spill Control Products, that are essential and necessary for maintaining a safe and clean work environment.

Oil Absorbent Spill Kits, Hazmat Absorbent Spill kits, Universal Absorbent Spill Kits
Our Spill Kits comes in various sizes to meet all needs and will absorb most water, petroleum and chemical based fluids. Our emergency spill kits are available in Universal Absorbents, Oil Only Absorbents & Hazmat / Chemical Absorbents. No matter what potential or emergency spills you may have to deal with, we have a Spill Kit suited for your needs, or we can customize one for your needs.

Need an Oil spill contained and absorbed; while also repelling water?
Try our Oil Absorbent Pads, Oil Absorbent Pads (White), Oil Absorbent Spill Kits, Oil Absorbent Socks/Pigs, Oil Absorbent Rolls, Oil Absorbent Booms, Oil absorbent Drum Tops/Top, and Oil absorbent Pillows, for many oil spill types.

Need a great line of spill containment and spill response products?
Including Spill Kits, Oil absorbent Booms & Oil absorbent Sweeps, for most all of your chemical spill, oil spill clean up, Hazmat Oil spills, and leaks, of oil based, water based and aggressive and hazardous liquid needs. Our Wholesale products are fast absorbing and control more for better cleanup and control of a safer and cleaner environment. Our discount absorbing & containment products help you comply with OSHA safety regulations.

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