Oil Absorbent Booms


Oil absorbent booms (also known as: marina / marine booms, ocean booms, and oil spill booms) are spun bond, melt-blown (non-biodegradable) polypropylene.
Oil absorbent booms repell water over long periods of time and will absorb petroleum based products; such as oils, fuels, hydraulic fluids and mineral oils. Absorbs up to 25 times it’s own weight. Oil absorbent booms will float on water so they can be used to absorb or skim, oil spills.  Oil absorbent booms are designed with rings on each end, making it simple to link multiple booms together. Please dispose of according to federal, state, and local laws.


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4 Pack Oil Absorbent Booms 5" x 10', 4 Pack Oil Absorbent Booms 8" x 10'