Emergency Spill Kits


10 Gallon Spill kit
15 pk – OS1 Oil-Care Heavy Weight Pads
3 pk – O48 Oil-Care Absorbent Socks 3” x 48″
2 pk – Temporary Disposal Bags
Absorbs up to 10 Gallons

Oil absorbents are made from melt-blown (non-biodegradable) polypropylene.  Naturally hydrophobic and repels water indefinitely while absorbing petroleum based products such as Oil Spills, fuels, hydraulic fluids, even mineral oils, up to 25 times its own weight.

Our Spill Kits come in various sizes to meet all needs and will absorb most water, petroleum and chemical based fluids. Our emergency Spill Kits are available in Universal Absorbents, Oil Absorbents , & Chemical Absorbents. Please contact us if you need a custom Spill Kit for your needs.


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Emergency Oil Spills Kit

If in Need of a 42 Gallon Emergency Spill Kit, Please call to customize this spill kit and for shipping details.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 in
Quanity & Size

10 Gallon Oil Spill Kit, 42 Gallon Oil Spill Kit