Chemical Absorbents-Socks-Pillows

Chemical Absorbents,  Chemical socks and Chemical Absorbent pillows

Chemical Absorbents,  socks and Chemical Absorbent pillows are specially designed to absorb most aggressive liquids, acids, bases, Hazmat spills, solvents and chemicals. These are Hazmat Chemical absorbents. It provides a high resistance to chemical reaction.

These Chemical absorbents are for hazmat and, all your daily leaks & spills around your plant. The thirsty sock will quickly absorb aggressive liquids around the plant or other areas.These 100% polypropylene Socks soak up nearly any type of caustic or unknown fluid – acids, bases, solvents and chemicals. Chemical Absorbents can be orange coded, so you know exactly what you’re reaching for in case of an emergency spill event.Use Chemical Absorbent Pads and Pillows to soak up spills of acids, bases or unknown liquids.

Great for fitting around machinery or equipment to soak up drips and spills. Dependable, flexible tube that contains and absorbs liquids
Molds around corners and conforms to uneven surfaces
Available in variety of sizes
Everyday working tool for ALL major industries. The Chemical absorbent socks are also Hazmat socks, They are also called Pigs in the industry.

Hazmat socks absorb and contain hazardous chemicals. Hazmat socks are typically stored in areas containing large amounts of hazardous or toxic chemicals. If a chemical spill occurs, chemical absorbents are quickly and easily deployed for a quick response to a potential disaster.

If you are ordering 4 or more Chemical Absorbent Socks, please call for more discount shipping.

low cost wholesale pricing please call if we have not met your needs. We sell Chemical Absorbent (Hazmat) socks, in 20 sock box or a 40 sock box. We also sell Chemical Absorbent  Hazmat Pillows. For Chemical Hazmat pillows click HERE

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Chemical Absorbent Socks

Chemical AbsorbentChemical Absorbents Chemical Absorbent Sock Socks 100% polypropylene Socks.  Can be orange coded, so you know exactly what you’re reaching for in case of an emergency spill. Comes in 40 & 20 Packs

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Chemical Absorbent Pillows

Chemical Absorbent PillowChemical-resistant pillow won’t degrade or cause a dangerous reaction upon contact with corrosive spills. Polypropylene filler is highly absorbent for containing corrosive or reactive spills. Bright color is easily distinguishable to assure that workers use the correct pillow during a spill emergency. Comes in 36 & 12 Packs.

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